Krakow Capital Menu at Kogel Mogel

Krakow Capital Menu at Kogel Mogel

Krakow enjoys the title of the European Capital of Gastronomy Culture of this year. On this occasion, in selected restaurants guests can taste dishes from additional cards – the Krakow Capital Menu. In our restaurant, we will soon introduce new dishes, it is worth to plan a visit to Kogel now!

Chefs in the restaurants participating in the program were asked to create a menu inspired by regional products and the history and heritage of Krakow. Here is the effect of this challenge in the performance of Chef Kogla Mogla – Dawid Balana:

  1. Board of restaurant specialties: (goose lard, smoked duck breast, rural sausage, foie gras), Sauerkraut, lovage mayonnaise, shallot pickled, mustard seed PLN 39
  2. Beetroot soup with cream served cold, quail egg, pickled cucumber, radish, dill oil PLN 21
  3. Pork hip, chestnut, onion, cabbage rolls with buckwheat groats, truffle sauce PLN 57
  4. Pistachio mousse, white chocolate, raspberry sorbet, raspberry sauce PLN 26

More about the Krakow Capital Menu program can be read here.

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